2022/2023 Academic Session

Dear Highly Esteemed Parents,

2022/2023 Academic Session

The entire management and staff of Children Companion Private School welcome all our parents and pupils to 2022/2023 academic session.

We give God all the glory for the just concluded session. A lot was achieved and we were all able to climb to another rung of the ladder to greatness.

Children Companion Private School continues to march forward in leaps and bounds. Everyday and every way, we strive to get better and better.

In light of this, the school embarked on both structural and human capital development projects during the long vacation with the goal of improving on both quality and standard of services offered by the school.

  • To beef up security, the school has installed CCTV cameras in the school premises, despite the fact that our host community is under high security surveillance.
  • To ensure constant supply of electricity, an inverter was installed to complement the Mikano generator currently in use in the school.
  • Renovations and renewal of furniture and apparatus used by pupils, repainting of the inner and outer walls of the school were also done to give the school environment an ambience of excellence.
  • Human resource was not left out, as all members of staff were trained and retrained via workshops and seminars organized during the holiday to improve on quality and standard.

We are not relenting on our vision to put Children Companion on the nation’s map and beyond. With your support and co-operation, we shall get there.

Let’s embark on the journey in this session as a team, work with our children, teachers and the entire management to move us closer to our destination.

We pray the Lord will keep, uphold and strengthen us as we journey through this session in Jesus name.🙏🙏

Remi Olasupo